The Bee Keeper's Daughter

Kingdom of Meridian, Volume I. Follow Maria, a young Russian farm girl who evades capture as she travels the Volga river, in search of distant relatives. Her experience becomes a personal journey in trust, adventure, love and destiny.

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Florida Russian Lifestyle Magazine

Learn about life in Florda for Russian speakers, interviews, community, excursions, employment and relocation data.

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Bear and Bee Bedtime Stories

A lyrical tale of an unlikely pair of friends who build a life together on the Island of Bearberia. Open the book or ebook and read to your child at bedtime with a choice of musical accompaniment. The bedtime stories are beautifully illustrated in both print and ebook including mobile friendly child safe games, puzzles and coloring book. Available worldwide in 10 languages.

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The staff and ownership of Aurous are devoted to their work and their communities. Each year we contribute a portion of our profits to charities around the world and volunteer hundreds of hours toward worth while projects.