The Bee Keeper's Daughter

Kingdom of Meridian, Volume I. Follow Maria, a young Russian farm girl who evades capture as she travels the Volga river, in search of distant relatives. Her experience becomes a personal journey in trust, adventure, love and destiny.

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Florida Russian Lifestyle Magazine

Learn about life in Florda for Russian speakers, interviews, community, excursions, employment and relocation data.

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Bear and Bee Bedtime Stories

A lyrical tale of an unlikely pair of friends who build a life together on the Island of Bearberia. Open the book or ebook and read to your child at bedtime with a choice of musical accompaniment. The bedtime stories are beautifully illustrated in both print and ebook including mobile friendly child safe games, puzzles and coloring book. Available worldwide in 10 languages.

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The International Peace and Film Festival is an outreach project for people of many nations to come together and engage in peace and cultural exchange. The festival offers a five track experience for diplomats, film makers, performers, speakers and general attendees to exchange their art, knowledge and culture in a non political environment.

Vector Five Hostile Threat Mitigation courses provide awareness and preparation for the workplace. Surviving an active shooting is determined within the first 5 minutes of the incident. Take the awareness quiz to see if you know what to do.

Find employment anywhere in the US, UK or Canada with our custom job search portal. Sort by career field, location or both.

You can apply using your Facebook based resume or directly with the employer. There are no fee’s for our service.

Izuminka is a Euro Fashion Expo and career portal for the fashion industry.

Established in 2014, Izuminka features the talents of East European designers, models, stylists and makeup artists in a red carpet runway show complete with performers and entertainers.

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